Praveen K.

Transformational Healer, let me be a guide to YOUR new FUTURE

Breath Work-Chi Gung

A range of simple and powerful exercises, designed to relax the mind, energize the body and lift your spirits. Well worth trying, as they're easy to remember and hard to forget.

Intuitive Tarot Reading

"Why predict your future when you can create it!"
Tarot cards are a great way to open up your creativity, connect with your intuition and help articulate what's happening in your life, be it LOVE, WORK or HOME.

Energy Healing

Also known as Reiki or Spititual Healing. Very powerful experience, to help connect you, directly with the Divine and heal from within.

(traditionally known as Chi Gung, Chi Gong or Qi Gong)

Classes are available throughout the week, both LIVE and on ZOOM.
All classes are 1 hour long, require no previous experience and are easy to pick up. Loose, "exercise type" clothing is suggested (trainers optional), water too. Why not TRY a CLASS FOR FREE,

For Active ZOOM classes:
Monday-Wednesday-Friday 10am
For Restorative/Relaxing ZOOM classes:
Wednesday 8pm to 9pm

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Intuitive Tarot Readings

That's the Ace of Cups in my hand, in case you didn't know 😉. It stands for 'opening up to new love'. Firstly, let me tell you how I use the cards! They're great for getting clearer and more confident in your own natural intuition on a situation. This has the advantage of cutting through our blind spots, biases, limitations on "what's possible" and sheer lack of awareness! If the answers you receive, happen to be predictive, then that's just an unexpected bonus. Sessions run from 30 minutes to an Hour. If you've never had a reading, then do try one. Click below to phone, text or email me. Bookings are available throughout the week NOW

Energy Healing (also known as Reiki, Spiritul Healing)

Healing is one of the most beautiful and energizing experiences I can offer you. If you haven't tried it, it's a little like having a massage for your mind and emotions. Healing works on the subtler bodies of our being, including the mental and emotional ones. The idea of healing is that most problems of the body, first come from our energy body. When these imbalances/blockages aren't addressed properly, they can build up momentum and eventually manifest as a physical ailment or illness. Healing seeks to address the imbalances, before they can build up into anything significant. Popular experiences after a session include... Feeling more rested, less tension/stress, feeling happier, more clear minded!
Sessions are available on Zoom and in person, throughout the week. Why not treat yourself to a one 2 one. To book, just click below and phone, text, or email your request.